Strategic Land

Sharba’s Future Planning

Sharba continues to acquire interests in sites both with and without planning, some subject to obtaining planning consent and some subject to a long term promotional strategy to get sites onto the planning “map”. Sites with longer term planning prospects are secured by an Option to purchase or a Planning Promotion Agreement.

Sharba’s management team offer the benefit of a smaller niche operation established 12 years ago, which provides a more personal and hands on service, yet benefits from individuals with a larger corporate background of 40 years’ experience in such planning promotions across the Midlands. We have an enviable track record of early success and maximised land values, using a well-established team of specialist consultants skilled in Strategic Land Promotion who work with us on our land portfolio across the Midlands.

All sites are then promoted through the planning system using Sharba’s extensive range of skills, experience and 100% track record in obtaining high quality consents.

Sharba pride themselves in being able to see through the current uncertainties in the planning system and identify positive strategies to take sites forward, as well as to improve on those that already have potential that would otherwise be left unfulfilled.  In addition, Sharba’s specialist team have an enviable reputation for the ability to work with Planners on sites that have historically proven difficult to gain those valuable consents and to achieve solutions that landowners, investors and of course ourselves find mutually and financially beneficial.

These promotions can be undertaken in a variety of ways.  Whilst all promotions are usually funded independently by Sharba, we can also work within mutually beneficial Joint Ventures with landowners.  This can take the form or either a traditional option agreement or a planning promotion agreement, whichever suits the landowners personal circumstances.

In either case, for the duration of the agreement, the landowner retains full use of the land until planning consent is gained and the site is sold on an open market to realise maximum value.