An Introduction to Sharba Homes

Sharba was born in February 2005 after George Wimpey had acquired the smaller premium brand company of Laing Homes, which had to that date produced a high specification bespoke product in choice locations for the more discerning customer.

Laing Homes was an ‘upper quartile’ developer previously run by Sir Martin Laing, Chairman of the WWF, who focussed on unique developments of high quality rather than the quantity driven aspirations of the George Wimpey corporate brand.

Wishing to perpetuate the premium brand’s principles under an exclusive company umbrella, former Laing Homes’ Director Phil James (who had established a number of Laings premium businesses across the country) and his wife Gill James (a highly experienced ‘blue chip’ accountant) established Sharba Homes to fill the market void left by the demise of the old Laing Homes brand.

Sharba has gone from strength to strength since 2005, developing niche schemes in only the best hand-picked locations, and attention has been paid at every stage to ensure even the smallest details are considered in creating prestigious developments of bespoke homes that will suit only the most discerning of customers.

Sharba has further built up its business around its extensive skills, knowledge and connections within the residential development industry and can now share its expertise with clients and investors alike across a full range of consultative services, investment opportunities as well as land, planning and technical project management on a full range of sites at any stage of production.

The Directors extensive practical experience covers the full range of housing developments from small, medium and large new build sites, through to mixed use and ‘enabling’ schemes providing valuable local services, to the highly specialised field of conversions and refurbishments in Listed Buildings.  These schemes are often in highly sensitive Conservation Areas or Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty and have also included, for example, renovations of historical gardens where this is an integral part of the planning consent.


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